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Already want to work with us? Great! We liked you too! But there is something you should know. So we started a blog to get to know each other better. This is a great way to explaine some issues of photographers' workflow.

Photo or video

For a long time now, there has been a tendency to focus on photography when ordering photo and video services, as if sacrificing video. For example, abroad, you can often see weddings, which are only photography. We also have such holidays. One of them was visited by an old friend of mine who lives in the USA. He was thrilled to tell me how his 6-year-old, somewhat shy son, suddenly, began to dance among his peers and all the girls stared to look at him. In fact, the happy father himself at this time ran to the dance floor trying to simultaneously turn on the video on the phone and as a result missed a moment. I immediately advised him to contact the newlyweds and ask for a video. You've already guessed the answer - there was no video recording. Of course, his will do the dance again and one day his father will record it on video. But why such sacrifices !? After all, people deprive themselves of precious memories !!!

The video perfectly conveys a person's energy, features of his look, smile. And finally, haven't you forgotten about the voice ?! About laughter !? I have several boxes of old photos of my ancestors. It is very interesting to watch them, but I would change them for a 10-minute video, in which they would all take turns saying a few words and I seemed to meet them… as if I saw them live. It is "LIVE". Think of a word that is accurate. On television, they say "live". What to say, for example, about the same box, but with many videos from different stages of life, from different events in life… It remains only to dream. And today everyone has the opportunity to leave such a box, for example, with DVDs to their children.

Imagine a world without "moving pictures", ie without cinema, TV, video - whatever. It's sad, silence is ringing, everything is frozen. Life is a movement. On weekends, instead of going to the movies, you go to an art gallery or a photo exhibition. In the past, instead of a theater, it was a museum of wax figures. All this is also exciting, but…. It's just that Steven Spielberg decided to call a photographer to film his new novel, and did not invite a cinematographer and sound director. And in the evening, under a glass of wine or popcorn, you just flip through the photos. Horror! You might think that a family holiday is not as interesting as Spielberg's works and why film it… I don't know. Your family and memory are worth it to me.

When photography appeared, society perceived it as another way of obtaining a portrait, which replaced the daguerreotype (a primitive type of photofixation). And the advent of cinema has become an absolute sensation. People realized that the future had come. When the Lumière brothers' train arrived at the station, everyone ran out of the hall. Not because they were primitive)), but because the movie is very impressive. And then the sound, color, music and editing were added. So cinema, as you know, became the most important of the arts. Let there be someone who said this phrase)), but it's true. Even to find out the latest news, people started going to the movies and watching movies about them. It became more interesting for them than to buy a newspaper with text and photos, which, in fact, had to be proved))

The whole world knows which film won an Oscar in February, and who will name at least one surname of a world-famous photographer? I do not belittle photography as art. This is a grand genre that makes our civilization what it is, but the world is ruled by CINEMA.

And finally. I also seem awkward on screen. After all, let's agree, this is the root cause of the rejection of the video. But it will pass. With age. And later we already seem young and in general "pretty nice". I repeat, the memories are worth it. I would like to see my parents' wedding dance, and their grandchildren would love… and their grandchildren. And how your sweetheart says "YES"… and how your grandmother says a toast… how your baby, who was just brought from the maternity ward, screams… or she is already performing at a school concert… how she crosses the 100-meter finish line… just give your example.

Don't deny yourself the pleasure of having a movie about your life

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So every photo became not just a paused picture but your life moment.
And that moment artist creates from scratch. Our team consists of two people. We shoot photo and video both together and separately. However, together we make it more fun and more productive. We are a well-coordinated team and understand each other without words. We work in the same style and rhythm.
So trust us and we'll do it nice and easy )



About us


We believe that photographer first of all is an artist, not just the camera operator. The art is above everything.
And everytime we turn on the camera we create from scratch. Because people that we shoot are not just freezed dolls but personalities.